Dark edgy fashion with a punk twist is how Julie Montesano, the creator of Jungle Gypsy since 2011, would describe her brand aesthetic.
Jungle Gypsy is a small brand One-Women-Show. All clothing is made in Goa, India, in a small family run factory.
Always thriving to have less impact on nature and finding new ways to be more sustainable. The fashion industry is still far from being completely sustainable but rests assured that at Jungle Gypsy we have the planet earth's well-being in our top priorities
The story behind the brand

Inspired from our travels around the world and from the electronic music scene, Jungle Gypsy took birth in 2011 in the himalayens mountains of India. In 2012 we've decided to establish in Goa, India where we bought a few machines hired a couple of tailors and started the Jungle Gypsy factory. Few years later, few more machines and few more tailors happened. Today the designs we are creating have certainly evolved and changed since the first years however the passion, love and dedication is still the same. The love for creating clothing that are unique and different but mainly that make each customer feel empowered and sexy, embracing their own uniqueness and gorgeous body in all its form. Committed to slow fashion, our brand maintains sustainability and fair trade practices.